I Was, You Were

ROBBIE: I think this is one of Trevor’s best ever vocal performances on record. He drank about a full bottle of wine before singing it. Max is on great form here too. It was difficult keeping up with him on bass.

Trevor in the captain's bar

I love the washed out sound of the guitar on the solo. We had the amp close-mic’ed and isolated in the bar section of the ballroom with the door closed but the sound we ended up using was from another mic out in the ballroom picking up the ambient sound escaping from the enclosure. It sounds magical to me.

TREVOR: People change so much, how are romantic relationships even possible? And people are always playing roles, usually without even realizing it. When the duo breaks apart you reinvent yourself. That was the idea behind the words. It wasn’t written as the heavy mod-rock number it became, but I like it this way. I was pretty drunk when I sang it. So was Max when he did the drums.

The magic moment in recording came when Robbie and I began to trying to fill this space we’d left open for a solo. Nothing was sounding quite right until I flipped one of his solos backwards. A completely new melody appeared that weaved beautifully around one of his improvisations. The long reverb of the ballroom made it all lag behind the rest of the music.

Haven’t played this live yet.