Snowed In

ROBBIE: Musically, this song starts out like a gentle snowfall, flakes falling softly and sparkling in the light of the street lamps. Then the wind picks up and, before you know it, you’re being violently whipped by a full-on blizzard. Montreal in wintertime. Welcome to it.

ERIC: I have a special relationship with this song. It brings me back to the time when we first started working on it, a while ago now, which may or may not have been a wintery period in my own life. It’s a beautiful sentimental song and anyone who has ever lived in Montreal during the winter can relate.

TREVOR: I wrote this song on a claustrophobic winter night. Strangely, I demoed it in a bright sunny garden in Ireland with birds chirping loudly in the background. We first recorded it for Moon Country but weren’t satisfied and dropped it. It has been through many life cycles, getting reinvented every time a new member joined the band. We originally had an extremely heavy guitar sound in the chorus but leaned more towards Eric’s cinematic mellotron in the mix. This song is another high point in Eric’s keyboard parts for me. We hadn’t seen him in a while and recording his part for this song was his triumphant return. The horn sound at the very end of the song is a snow removal truck in Montreal, recognizable to anyone that lives here. I recorded it on cassette from my window.