Song by Song: Recording “Anthems for Doomed Youth”

“Anthems for Doomed Youth” was self-recorded by the High Dials. They built a temporary studio in an abandoned Montreal building that once belonged to the navy. Attracted by the beautiful natural reverb in the large admiral’s ballroom, they were bravely undeterred by claims it was haunted. The enormous 4-storey space was still littered with naval artefacts, including old maps and a giant ship engine. After several truly spooky supernatural experiences (including an attack by a giant bat), they wrapped up production and brought the recordings to Michael Musmanno (Lilys, Cadence Weapon) for mixing in New York City.

Trevor and Robbie share their thoughts about how each song from “Anthems for Doomed Youth” came to be. Eric adds some comments for good measure:

1-Teenage Love Made Me Insane

2- I’m Over You (I Hope It’s True)

3- Uruguay

4- I Was, You Were

5- Chinese Boxes

6- The Rich Die Too

7- Mysterio

8- What You Call Love is a Lie

9- Snowed In

10- Bedroom Shadows