Fourth LP Wraps Up in NYC!

The High Dials whisked their new recordings (and probably a few ghosts) out of their shadowy Montreal ballroom and into New York City this week, for mixing sessions with Michael Musmanno.

This is not the first time the band has worked with Musmanno, who first caught the band’s ear with his killer production on records by former label-mates Lilys. Cast your mind back through the fogs of time to the distant year 2004. The High Dials had only just released their first album and Musmanno leant his studio wizardry to remixes on the “Fields in Glass EP”.

The band had always wished to collaborate with him again and six years on, all the relevant stars aligned. After 5 long nights bunkered down together under the Brooklyn Bridge (literally), with all manner of rare rock n roll machinery and only the coolest contraptionry, the new High Dials record took its final shape. All involved are quite excited about the results!

Look for a teaser clip and some sneak previews on this site soon…

Release details are being finalised as this item uploads, and as always, dear Dialian, you will be the first to know.

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