High Dials score film soundtrack

Over many bitterly cold February nights in 2011, the High Dials composed and recorded soundtracks for two films, one of which has its theatrical release this week in Montreal, after a successful run at the Montreal International Documentary Film Festival (RIDM).

“Inside Lara Roxx” tells the story of 21-year-old girl who left her hometown of Montreal and headed to L.A to try and make a ton of cash in the adult entertainment industry. Within two months she contracted the most virulent form of HIV while performing sex in front of the camera. Miss Roxx’s story created a media sensation, but it’s when the media hype dies that “Inside Lara Roxx begins” – in a psychiatric ward in Montreal.

The film opens on Friday, November 25 and screens everyday at 3:10 PM and 7:15 PM (except Monday) @ CINEMA PARALLELE (Ex-Centris: 3536 Boulevard St-Laurent).

Here’s a sample from the score:

Lara on the Beach by The High Dials

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